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Setting exemplary standards in delivering cargo to the required destinations globally, Direct Worldwide Logistics guarantees optimum business focus and procedure competencies at rates that are cost-effective. With specialist resources to manage logistics efficiently, delivering the cargo via air, sea or roadways is done competently in minimal time.

Synonymous with topnotch logistics service and offering complete services for international trade including shipping, clearance and inland transportation, the veterans at Direct Worldwide Logistics are 100% reliable. They handle cargo of varied sizes and with service providers in all major ports of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle, Adelaide, Darwin, Gladstone, Townsville, Cairns, Port Hedland, Hobart and Bernie transportation of cargo to and from Australia is made immensely easier. Their network of offices, personalized and professional services and a fully integrated international logistics service to clients worldwide makes them the most ideal and complete Logistics Provider.

Their business focus and procedure competencies combined with the professionalism and dedication of their exemplary team makes it immensely pleasurable for clients from the world over to work with them. Their exceptional range of services proffered include

  • Global Freight forwarding
  • Smooth Consignment Delivery, Custom & Quarantine Clearance
  • Project Cargo, Heavy Lifts, Mining Equipment, Machinery & Motor Vehicles
  • Cross Trade
  • Inland Transportation
  • Coastal Vessels
  • Transshipments
  • Container Packs/Unpacks
  • Personal & household goods

Direct Worldwide Logistics provides import and export airfreight services, sea-freight services and unique Break-Bulk Services to and from all destinations globally. They keep the clients well informed of the freight movements, maintaining communication all times. The timely and precise notice of arrivals, customs clearance and delivery of goods after the required procedures take minimal time. Their powerful and customized Break-Bulk Services help to minimize the distribution costs, maximize haul-line component and reduce costs immensely thereby benefitting the clients. With well-trained representatives to manage each and every aspect of logistics, clients can relax without any apprehensions. Break bulk services are especially useful in managing the heavy commodities like jumbo coils, rail bogies, steel plates, drill rigs, pipes, and earth moving equipment, electric turbines and compressors. This top Australian shipping Company offers door-to-door delivery of cargo too. Their range of solutions offered includes hauled transport and all state level metropolitan or country distribution effectively with just one account making it immensely easier for the clients to manage everything.

Creating benchmarks in this field by providing exemplary services worldwide at cost-effective rates, Direct Worldwide Logistics is #1 with agents in India, Mexico and Spain and over 200 forwarders in 120 countries. In sync with the latest developments in the world of technology as well, the experts here complete complex paper-works, follow up with crews to provide the current position of their wares and helps them to easily tackle the tedious processing system irrespective of the destination. Unparalleled in every aspect, they also offer customized services wherein a single staff member is appointed to look after the client personally. To know more, they can be contacted at +61 7849 1949 or via email info@direct-logistics.com.au. The dedicated team here understands the apprehensions of clients worldwide and takes steps to ensure the smooth movement of cargo with optimum care. Active on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and LinkedIn customers can communicate with them and understand the details.