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Offering multitude services including Global Forwarding, Customs and Quarantine facilities Direct Worldwide Logistics has the best seamless cargo delivery services to all ports in Australia at rates that are competitive and they ensure total care for the goods too!

Creating new dimensions in the field of Cargo Delivery, this one-stop-shop offers exemplary care and safe delivery of goods. With a network that extends to every country worldwide and collaborations with many renowned shipping companies, apprehensions of delivery can be avoided. Direct Worldwide Logistics offers their matchless services at competitive rates. In step with the requirements and demands of clients and in sync with the latest developments technologically as well, the professionals here offer topnotch cargo services through air or sea. Goods are delivered at the earliest and customers are updated frequently on the product position. Extending help in the sections of Customer Clearance, goods are delivered in the best condition without lapse of time. The list of services offered here include

  • Door-to-door services
  • Air freight
  • Import & export services
  • Documentation
  • Handling & processing insurance
  • Local air freight
  • Cartage & delivery

Quality services at competitive rates and services to areas worldwide from Australia is well taken care of by Direct Worldwide Logistics. Totally focused and aiming to be the #1 in this field with topnotch services that are unparalleled in every aspect, they work systematically ensuring excellent saving of time and has the best, latest equipment to stay updated. With over 200 plus forwarders in 120 countries and agents in India, Mexico and Spain, optimum care and exceptionally speedy delivery is the outcome.

The cost-effective solutions offered here are numero uno in the field and it includes

  • General Freight
  • Airport to airport services
  • Direct & Transshipment freights
  • EDNs for Export
  • Time sensitive shipments
  • Documentation Handling & Processing
  • Local airfreight cartage and delivery
  • Airline selection and rate negotiations
  • Insurance
  • Direct Master Air Waybill shipments if required

Charging just the right amount and providing superlative services Direct Worldwide Logistics offers freight forwarding services comprising of

  • Sea-Freight Forwarder
  • Warehousing, Distribution & Delivery
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • LCL Consolidation
  • FDL Consolidation
  • Personal & household Goods
  • Multi-model inland transport by rail & road
  • Factory stuffing
  • Infrastructure & services facilities
  • Mining equipment
  • Project cargo
  • Heavy lifts
  • Motor vehicles

All the facets of transactions are managed by the well-trained team here and these professionals understand the importance of every deal. From handling bulk commodities including jumbo coil, rail bogies, steel plates, drill rigs, pipes, earth moving equipment, electric turbine and compressors safely at rates that are economical, the team here wants to ensure 100% satisfaction. They can be contacted at +61 7 3849 1949 or though their portal www.direct-logistics.com.au or via email info@direct-logistics.com.au to know more. Their services also cover areas like cross trade, inland transportation, coastal vessels, container packs/unpacks and personal and household goods handling.

The best by all standards, topnotch services and exemplary care for the goods and penny-wise Direct Worldwide Logistics makes it easier to import and export items of choice the world over. These freight forwarders from Australia takes care of the entire nitty-gritty involved including insurance and transit, setting the benchmark for their competitors.